Enrichment Programs

Adult vocational development as well as total development of the individual.

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Enrichment Programs

​UDI does much more than simply provide access to vocational development opportunities. UDI provides the significant benefits associated with programs that address the total development of the individual. The development of interpersonal social skills, cognitive skills, intrapersonal growth (i.e., confidence, self-esteem, self-worth), communication skills, and decision making skills are important to our clients and are needed if they are to be contributing members to the community.

UDI’s Enrichment Programs utilize the unique qualities of creative arts and other habilitative activities to address the development of those who participate. The programs focus on the strengths of the individual as the framework for facilitating positive changes while maintaining personal dignity. UDI offers an experience that serves individuals throughout their lives.

UDI's Enrichment Programs

Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning opportunities are offered in our Life Skills Classroom. Daily lessons include activities of daily living, motor skills, social skills, and functional academic training.

Community Integration

Community outings and activities help UDI individuals gain enhanced community integration. UDI strives to offer a wide variety of community integration such as museums, parks, shopping, leisure activities, farms, and much more.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a unique and expressive course that promotes individuality and creativity. Individuals who receive ADVP or Innovations Day Services are provided the opportunity to participate in Creative Arts.