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Admission Criteria

  • Individual must be at least 22 years of age
  • Individual must have a Psychological Evaluation indicating a developmental disability diagnosis
  • Individual must be enrolled with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions
  • Individual must live within the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions five-county area (Union, Stanly, Rowan, Cabarrus, Davidson)
  • Individual must be a current recipient of North Carolina Medicaid
  • Individual must have documents to complete a valid I-9 verification
  • Individual must have a medical exam within 12 months prior to admission to identify medical and/or physical limitations
  • Individual must have sufficient physical capacity to function with minimal assistance
  • Individual must have bowel/bladder control, able to independently meet toileting needs, and independently meet daily living skills (i.e., feeding self, washing hands, etc.)
  • Individual must be determined to benefit from vocational training and development (NC Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment)

If individual has a history of destructive, aggressive/assaultive, self-abusive, AWOL, PICA or other similar behaviors, there must be formal documentation indicating: nature of the behavior; frequency-rate-duration-intensity of the behavior(s); current and previous treatment procedure(s).

  • Normally, UDI will only consider referrals who engage in undesired behaviors of the types listed above, or have a history of such behaviors, if the behaviors have been under control for at least 12 months. UDI reserves the option of accepting a client, who displays significant behaviors, on a trial basis and on terms of a behavioral contract between the referral and UDI.

The Process

UDI will:
  1. Start the referral process based on services desired
  2. Initiate contact with Individual/Legally Responsible Person
  3. Schedule a Pre-Admission Meeting with the individual/legally responsible person to tour the facility and for preliminary information gathering
  4. Provide individual/legally responsible person with admission application
  5. Review admissions application and other documents requested
  6. Make an Admission Determination (Acceptance or Denial) based on UDI’s Admission Criteria
  7. Provide written Admission Determination via mail to individual/legally responsible person
  8. Work with accepted individuals/legally responsible persons and other agencies to complete the person-centered planning process
  9. Assign a start date of services
  10. Provide quality services
Individual/Legally Responsible Person will:
  1. Ensure all admission criteria are met
  2. Meet with UDI representative to complete a Pre-Admission Meeting
  3. Complete the Admission Packet and provide necessary documentation
  4. Decide to attend UDI upon acceptance
  5. Work with UDI and other agencies to ensure effective person-centered planning
  6. Agree to a start date of services
  7. Start with UDI if desired
Please Note:

UDI considers referrals and admissions on a case-by-case basis. Decisions will be made based on the supplied information, interviews with the client and/or legally responsible person, UDI staff observations, input from other agencies, etc. An individual who is referred for services at UDI has the right to refuse services at any time during or after the admission process. UDI will provide an explanation of UDI rules and regulations and the referral/legally responsible person is to use that information in making an informed decision regarding accepting UDI’s offer of services.

Falsification of admission information or failure to supply all required information during the any portion of the referral and admissions process will eliminate the individual from admission consideration. If an individual is enrolled in services with UDI and it is later determined admission information was falsified or withheld, the referral is subject to immediate discharge.