Why Outsource With UDI?

Cost Effective - Fast - Mutually Beneficial

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For information about our industrial support, please contact Connor Secrest.
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Outsourcing With Us Is:

  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Turnarounds
  • Quality Control
  • Mutually Beneficial

We Are:

  • Responsive
  • Problem Solving
  • Ethical
  • Friendly
  • Have a broad range of capabilities

UDI's Code of Ethical Conduct

It is imperative for UDI to maintain a strong Industrial Support Service component as each contract with a company serves as the primary training area for UDI’s individuals served through habilitative programs. UDI guarantees the Industrial Support Service program:

  • Operates in a professional and respectful manner
  • Ensures safety for clients and staff
  • Protects the materials/investments of the customer
  • Performs timely and cost effective work
  • Oversees required quality control standards
  • Strives to maintain consistent work
  • Works to increase production capabilities and explore new opportunities
  • Never compromises the integrity of the facility or customers to obtain contract work

Companies That Gave UDI a Try!

​Join these great companies today by connecting with UDI to help your company!

People Are Talking About UDI's Industrial Support!

Judy Whitley, former HR Director

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

UDI always does a fine job with what we give them. Their quality control is excellent. It's a win-win situation. We would have to increase our staffing for what often is a seasonal product. Every time we get a new process, we try to see if UDI can help us with it. The clients always say 'thank you for letting us do this,' when we want to thank them. They're amazing.

Pat Kahle, President

Union County Chamber

Union Diversified Industries is a valued resource for our community.  UDI uses a unique model of outsourcing for industrial companies while providing Union County adults with developmental disabilities a way to gain meaningful employment in a safe environment while also addressing their clinical needs.  The UDI staff and volunteer leadership provide a quality program that serves as a model for others to emulate.